Waterproofing Cape Town

When is the best time to waterproof your home?

Waterproofing contractors will always advise that the best time to do the job is during the Summer Season.

The summer season in Cape Town provides the best working conditions for terrace waterproofing and other exterior areas. Cracks must be fixed, and gaps filled before starting the treatment plan.

The hot and dry conditions of the Cape Town Summer allow the waterproofing repair and renovation work to progress quickly.


How to find a reputable Waterproofing Company in Cape Town

If you want to prevent a water problem in your home or repair a faulty area, you must hire a good local waterproofing company for this role, ideally you want to find a professional waterproofer near you.

Your home is your greatest asset, so you must be discerning when choosing with waterproofing contractors doing repairs. You want your home to be protected, requiring you to hire reputable waterproofing contractors with good references and possibly a list of credible companies or customers that will help you feel more at ease with your final choice.

So, what are some factors you need to consider when hiring a waterproofing company in Cape Town or anywhere for that matter?


5 Things to look for in a waterproofing company:

1. Is the waterproofing company licensed, what accreditations do they have?
2. Is the waterproofing contractor specialising in waterproofing?
3. Does the Cape Town waterproofing company have the necessary infrastructure to perform your waterproofing needs?
4. How many years has the waterproofing company been in business?
5. Does the waterproofing professional in Cape Town have credible references or recent waterproofing work they can show to you so that you may assess the quality of their work?


ARK Waterproofing Cape Town

ARK Waterproofing Cape Town & KZN

At ARK, our aim is to provide our customers with a cost effective service through the application of specialist systems and solutions applied and installed to the highest standard.

At ARK we are not in the building maintenance business, but we are in the “taking care of business”

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