DIY tip…

Avoid wasting your hard earned money and call the experts to assess areas of concern and quote you free of charge.

This picture shows a rusted metal box gutter that is leaking due to water standing and not flowing. This is a common problem !

Regular maintenance on these items is crucial to save expensive repairs in the future. Below is a DIY tip to help keep the deep penetranting rust at bay,not to repair gutters that have rust holes already.

Easy DIY tip…
*Clean out the gutter.
*Remove rust and loose rust flakes.
*Apply 2 coats of Rust Convertor.(rusted areas only)
*Apply 2 coats of Rust Primer Paint.( complete )
*Apply 2 coats of a roof paint or bitumen Silver Coat.(complete )

Apply the above steps to a gutter that has no rust yet, and you will be winning all the way or apply to a gutter that is showing signs of slight rust. The sooner you catch it the better.

This will add some life to the gutter and save you money in the long run.



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September 10, 2015

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