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Painting Contractors Cape Town

Ark Waterproofing are painting contractors in Cape Town, also in Ballito and Durban North. Read more on our painting process and factors:

As Painting Contractors

Ark Waterproofing are painting contractors in Cape Town, our company is built on good ethics and morals. We strive to always deliver the best service to clients at the most affordable rates. We always work to a highest standard, and understand that each job is unique in its requirement. We know what needs to be done to achieve the best possible end results. Our clientele consist of body corporates, property administrators, private home owners and businesses. We operate in Cape Town and all Surrounding areas, we work closely with our suppliers and pride ourselves on staying abreast with the latest technology in industry. Our main goal is to ensure all our projects are fitted with lasting products that provided long term solutions.

Our team of painting contractors in Cape Town are committed to providing top quality services and products in order to satisfy our clientele. We adhere to the required processes and standards as stipulated by various paint manufacturers and associations to ensure the best results on all projects. Our team is comprised of highly specialised painting contractors, and have set the bar exceptionally high in the painting service industry. All of our projects are owner managed ensuring the highest quality for all jobs.

Site visits will be arranged with the paint supplier who will inspect the critical phases of the project (each project is different and will be treated as such). Our clients are encouraged to attend these meetings in order to have peace of mind that the project is being carried out to within acceptable standards as required by the paint manufacturer.

NAMA member

We are members of NAMA the National Association of Managing Agents, and are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and the
regulations issued in pursuance of its objects, giving body corporates, contracts managers and property management companies the peace of mind that all work is being done in a professional, safe and lawful manner.

Weather Conditions and Coastal Region factors

Hot or cold, rainy or humid, weather has a significant effect on paint adhesion and the drying time of exterior house painting. Living near the ocean has its downside, and can take a serious toll on the exterior of your house. Humidity combined with the oceanside means moisture build-up can happen faster, making mould and mildew more likely. Living near the ocean leaves your home susceptible to increased moisture build-up on the sides and roof. Mould can eat away at your paint. Power washing regularly (every few months) will help prevent mould from building up.

Depending on how close your house is to the beach; wind and sand can also be factors which negatively impact the exterior of your house. When sand is being constantly blown onto the exterior of your house, it can leave a scratchy effect, which will also inevitably wear down your paint. Finishing your exterior paint with a sealant is one way to prevent this from happening. Though keep in mind, sealants won’t protect the paint forever and should be freshened up on a regular basis. Salt water is another element which can affect your house, exterior paint can fade, peel and chip as a result of constant exposure to salt water. Sealants help prevent/ delay some of these effects, however they are not a permanent fix. Your home is susceptible all year-round as ‘sea-spray’ can occurs through the year. The miniature salt crystals settle under the paint surfaces and as they build up, week-after-week, month-after-month, they eventually cause the paint on your house to slowly chip off, particularly
near corners, ridges, ledges and window sills.

The key to prevention is maintenance! Sealants are a good way to help prevent the salt water corrosion. However, they are not the be-all and end-all. Regular maintenance is required, this includes power washing, repainting and resealing. If all this is done on a regular basis your home’s exterior will remain intact, making your property all the more attractive and valuable.

As we are based in a coastal region, weather and oceanic elements are a big factor in all of our painting projects. As a result we only make use of the highest quality painting products, which are guaranteed to last through all-weather conditions; Plascon, Dulux, Midas, and Sika are the brands we endorse above all others, they will stand the test of time.

Our Services and Industries

We offer a wide range of services to a variety of different industries, our main focus is and always will be to take care of business by all means possible. Our services and offerings include:

Residential Painting

– Colour consultations

– Structural repair
– High pressure cleaning services
– Gutter installations
– Painting of ceilings, cornices and walls
– Drywall and plaster
– Skirting, doors and windows – paint / varnish
– Wooden shutters
– Stripping and refinishing painted surfaces
– Entry doors and door thresholds
– Decorative finishes
– Mould and damp treatment
– Wall painters
– Ceiling painters
– Roof painters

Commercial Painting

– Colour consultations
– Structural repair
– High pressure cleaning services
– Interiors walls – plaster and drywall
– Painting / varnishing of window frames and skirting’s
– Painting / varnishing of all timber fascias, gates and doors
– Ceilings (both high and low)
– Metal surfaces like railings, elevators, etc.
– Conference areas and break rooms
– Hallways and stairwells
– Multi-coloured surfaces
– Gutter Installations
– Wall painters
– Ceiling painters
– Roof painters

Our work includes
– Hotels and restaurants
– Schools and churches
– Corporate office buildings
– Retail storefronts
– Shopping malls
– Shopping centres (up to 3 stories high)
– Strip malls
– Parking garages
– Apartment complexes
– Townhouse complexes
– Premises management
– Homeowners associations
– Factories and warehouses
– Engineering plants

At Ark Waterproofing we are professional, experiences painting contractors that you can trust. We pay exceptional attention to details, and apply a thorough approach to all projects. We boast outstanding quality and workmanship in order to get the job done in record breaking time. We provide premium painting services at cost efficient prices to all our clients in Cape Town and its Surrounding area.


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